The Wapping Project Restaurant Review

I had a fantastic meal a week ago at the Wapping Project. It is a lovely little place, in an old hydraulic factory near the river in…. you guessed it…. Wapping! The room is just brilliant; high ceiling’ed and bare bricked. There is a great large bar and semi-open kitchen. It is exciting and one of the best dining rooms I have ever eaten in. 

So first up, we had fabulous octopus. Pan fried and crispy, with dense meat inside. Some of the best octopus I have ever had, by a long way. It was served with deep fried capers with crunched down with the lobster very well. Lemon moussey type thingy was a touch of genius and lifted the dish and provided the much-needed acidity.
Good melon and parma ham. Simple but jolly effective. 

For main; cod with peas and bacon; a classic combination was just brilliant. The cod was so delicious; it tasted like proper cod, with a nice caramelised finish and a soft flaky texture. The pea puree was so so smooth it was like a thick milkshake of green goodness. The crispy bacon added a salty and smoky touch to the dish which was the final cherry on the proverbial cake. 
Chicken with Harissa was great, as was the Bream. The hanger steak was just delicious; it is brave to serve a steak known for its flavour rather than texture. But the flavour was just extraordinary with a real smokey touch. 

Finally a chocolate cake which was as rich as a Russian oligarch and served with a (un)healthy dollop of fresh mascarpone. It was almost ganache like it was so rich, and completely filled me the whole way up. Bizarre experience; I went from being fine to feeling huge. Anyway, enough of my body and onto the rest of the experience…

Price; good I think. Excellent ingredients and well cooked. You have to pay a premium for that. 
Menu; very good. It changes a lot, and that is a real plus point. It is also fun to have a menu where you cannot understand many of the words. And even better when the staff are very good at telling you what they are!
Service; very nice. I had heard some interesting views about this online… But in reality I was served well with a smile and in the most polite manner possible. 

The Wapping Project
Food 8/10
Service 8/10
Room 8/10
Overall 8/10
Price; Starters under £12, Mains under £20, Deserts under £10