Poached eggs

Why is there such a stigma attached to poached eggs? Seriously? I don’t get it. I grew up being scared of doing poached eggs properly and only recently was forced to do them in a group. I apprehensively dropped in the egg, let it be for a few minutes and was left with the single greatest egg that I have EVER eaten! A warm yolk that spilled out all over the plate and a firm yet soft white that actually tasted like an egg! So why are they seen to be the be-all and end-all of cooking?

Well here’s how I cook them. In a big saucepan I heat up a couple inches of boiling water till just bubbling. I then drop in 1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar. Just before serving time I crack a (fresh, ideally) egg into a ramekin and then swirl the water into a vortex (well, vortex perhaps compliments it a little; maybe a ‘small swirl’ would be more appropriate). Then drop in the egg as close to the water as possible. Using a slotted spoon have a little play with it, making sure it stays in one piece. Occasionally splash some of the water over it. Maybe even flip it?! Ok, Ok, maybe I am getting ahead of myself. Sorry. Flipping is a little extreme. Anyway, once the white is firm, carefully remove (actually the hardest bit) and let it dry on kitchen paper before serving with a generous crunch of sea salt and pepper. 

I love poached eggs for breakfast, or on top of a nice piece of fish. Or maybe even on a salad. Go on, push the boat out, I dare you. 


Wahaca, Waterloo Review

Today saw me going to a great lunch at a great restaurant in a great part of London. The company was pretty great as well. Cringe. Anyway, let’s talk Wahaca.
Wahaca Waterloo is effectively 4 shipping storage containers bolted together, and is great fun. Vibrant colours, open kitchen, lots of light. A really fun setting. And nice views of the river. It’s basically a really nice place to be. When you arrive, there is normally quite a long wait (30 mins) but luckily they allow you to use the bar upstairs, and eat guacamole. Living the high life. They also have groovy little remotes that tell you when your table is ready. A useful and well thought out idea!
As for the food, you can choose between burritos or “street food”, as well as other sides and assorted items. The street food involves Taquitos, Quesadillas, Tacos and salads. All about £5 which is well priced, considering two is easily enough for lunch, per person. So I got three steak tacos, which were delicious, as the steak was tender and tasty with a healthy portion of salsa. The chicken Taquito was fresh and equally delicious. Most interesting was the cactus tacos with courgette. Interesting texture, similar to….um…. You know what, it was similar to cactus.
Sweet potatoes were very delicious, well and properly cooked, with a good charred skin.
Churros were very well done with good chocolate sauce.
So, if you want a fun, reasonably inexpensive and delicious meal, look no further than Wahaca
Storage containers: 8/10
Price:I ate comfortably under £20