My take on the Horse Play

This is probably the first serious, serious post that I have ever done so brace yourselves. Obviously at present the news is alive with stories of the horse meat contamination. My stance probably isn’t that different from most others: namely that it is obviously an awful occurrence to have happened. Customers should never be lied to like that and the next problem is the possibility of the horses having been drugged up before being killed, with drugs that may be harmful to humans. This is obviously wrong and I think that it will be in history the biggest scandal in the food industry for years.
However, I think there are two things to say that maybe haven’t been said yet;
Firstly, I think this shows up a culture in the meat processing industry where any way of getting a cheaper price to sell a product was “worth it”. I think this is something which will be very hard to cure.
Secondly, I think that people who have blindly laughed and said “if you were stupid enough to buy a frozen burger you deserve to eat horse” need to realise that many people didn’t have a choice in that route and that sometimes time and money dictate decisions. In fact, news that the government is trying to introduce a tax on sugary drinks is completely insignificant compared to the problem that many people don’t have money or time to cook from scratch and hence have to buy cheap food. If the coalition want to make the country healthier that is what they should focus on.
Hope that makes sense; coming up in the next few days are: Monmouth Coffee Company review, Spinach cooking, bacon and pancakes and much more!


Borough Market, again

It’s a hard life for the food blogger. We just HAVE to go to eat and discover food; our lives revolve around eating, buying and cooking food. Poor us eh? This leads me onto today’s post. For me, if as a tourist, you really want to discover London, then Borough Market is the place to go. Nowhere else is there such variety, such friendliness and such good food. For those who say that Borough Market is a tourist attraction too big for its own good, I say that as long as the market continues to thrive, then who cares if it is packed?
Today was a great day spent under the train lines, for I tried a revelation of street food. A pure joy of a meal. What could it be? Yes, Salt Beef. Northfield’s Butchery Gourmet kitchen serves up Salt beef Sandwiches like no one else. Perfectly cooked Tangy salt beef, sour gherkins, and the firey heat of mustard.
And as for portion sizes…. They are HUGE. I mean, huge huge. The server dollops mustard onto large slices of wholemeal bread, then dollops on a handful of shredded Salt beef, then another, (at this point your feeling pretty happy about paying £6 for a sandwich), and then another, and then one more, for good luck. Then sliced gherkins, which take this dish to a whole new level of complexity, and add the sour kick that is needed to balance the salt and the Mustard. They were extraordinary, as this photo probably shows. Did we need anything more for lunch? Don’t be daft! Completely full, and I still am. In short, go to Borough Market, and support it.


Black Quack

For the past few days I have been in Norfolk; a place very dear to me and, food wise, a real hub of products that are available. It is now a tradition to go to Tavern Tasty Meats, a truly great butchers in Norfolk. They have an expanse of freezers in the “patio” outside, selling delicacies of wood pigeons, pheasants, venison and pies. Inside it is a normal affair, with plenty of beautiful meat on display, and many tinned food. It is nice to see thay they have a more “supermarkety” section, where meats are prejointed, premadeup and prepriced. This obviously allows people to get straight to the till rather than chatting to the friendly and knowledgeable staff… Who would want that?! Anyway, moving on. We had to buy much of the usual things, but then, as a boy in a sweet(or savoury) shop, I saw some scotch eggs. The size of them caught my eye, as they are made with duck eggs (hence the quack in their name-see the title of this post if necessary!). When I cut one open for lunch, the black part was explained: the sausage meat is mixed with black pudding for a decadent taste. So, with the rule of scotch eggs (never eat them cold), eating this black quack was a revelation. Very rich, with yolk and black pudding working together well, and the crisp crumbs adding texture and the rather comforting flavour of toasted bread, if you see what I mean. Definitely worth a stop if you are nearby in Norfolk, please support them! Tavern Tasty: