Burger and Lobster

There is scarcely a harder choice in life: Burger or Lobster? In any case, that is what you are confronted with as you enter the restaurant with no menu or bookings but a huge lobster tank, open kitchen and beautiful bar.

B&L had many critics when it first opened a few years ago, with many saying “a restaurant that only sells Burgers or Lobsters will never work!” And yet, my eating partner and I arrived at 6.30pm on a Wednesday night and were faced with an hour and a half wait! (Not to mention a global empire of restaurants).

To move onto the food, I went for the grilled lobster and my eating partner went for the lobster roll. The lobster roll, pictured, is a melange of cool lobster and spiced mayonnaise, stuffed into a warm brioche roll. I find it amusing how this Maine fast food is elevated to fine dining, but it really works. It was a delightful dish, and you will genuinely be surprised as to just how much lobster you can stuff into a brioche roll!

I went for the grilled lobster which, as lobsters go, was faultless. Perfectly cooked, so the flesh was firm but not hard, and it came out of the shell very easily. It is one of life’s hardest choices: do you tackle the harder claws first before moving onto the denser flesh of the main cavity or do you leave the claws to the end? I went for the claws first, and with a B&L bib attached to my frontage, garlic butter streaming down my chin and my hands covered in lobster, I was quite a sight… All dishes are served with decent fries and a better than decent salad. As for the pricing, a £20 lobster is surely London’s best bargain?

We were lucky enough to meet the chef and be shown down to the lobster tanks in the basement after our meal, which was a great experience: they get through tonnes and tonnes of lobster every week. I was even allowed to hold one of the fine creatures. I wonder if they have thought about making it a petting zoo in the morning?

Go to B&L if you want to have a fun, filling and delicious meal. I am sorry that there wasn’t a third member to tackle the burger, however they did look very fine. But lobster for £20… that is too good to miss!

I will be returning as soon as possible!

Burger & Lobster
Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Lobster tankage: 9/10
Overall: 8.6/10



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