Giraffe, Victoria review

Ok, so last week was amazing for me, mainly because I was witness, for the THIRD time to the spectacle that is WICKED. Yes, I am pretty alpha male, and I’ll cook meat in vast quantities whenever and wherever, but when it comes to Musical Theatre…. Lets just say the inner Elphaba comes out. That sounds very much like I’ve just come out, which I haven’t, but the point is I love it. Enough said. Onto food! Sorry about that outburst.
Giraffe is a pretty successful chain and it seems to be everywhere. It’s a pretty crazy idea for a restaurant; in that someone must have said “Hey guys, why don’t we just, like, totally, serve every type of food, like ever, won’t that be like, great?!?!?”. But you know what, they just about pull it off.

We start with the room. It’s cheeky, quirky, fun. All the chairs are different. The staff are nice, apart from one that hit a menu in my face (BUT That was mainly fault). I quite liked it. Especially as my friend and I were next to the Window, looking out a busy and lively road. (Was better than it sounds)

Starters. We ordered a sort of sharing plate, which was great. Nice chargrilled bread, grilled halloumi, tzaziki (No idea how that’s spelt..), tomato purée, lentil salad… It was nice actually. Everything could have been good as an independent dish, which was nice to see.

Mains. I went for ribs. Alpha male enough for you? They were good; you know, ribs are ribs, so they were well cooked, well glazed. All you could want from ribs, apart from a bit of smokiness which was lacking. My friend had a stirfried duck noodle thingy, which was nice actually. Some of the noodles were VERY crispy, which was odd compared to the usual stuff, but good nonetheless. It was also an offensively large bowl, so I had to finish it off. So alpha male.

So, if you want a quick, fun, decent meal, Giraffe is your new chain to do that in. But it is a chain, so don’t get sucked in too quickly; always look for an independent restaurant before… Please?!?

Giraffe, Victoria
Price:£35 for two courses, two people.


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