Burger Barn, Mansion House/City

This week saw me stumble rather fortunately onto a dream of a place to eat. We were looking round banks in the City of London (oh my god it was so much fun, I want to work there so much, dream job etc. (I hope my sarcasm is coming through)). Anyway, this led, as inevitably would to the need for a lunch break, so suited up, some friends and I walked down to a spot I’ve wanted to eat in for ages. Burger barn can be found close to Mansion House tube station (cross the road towards the church, you’ll get there eventually). It is a rather subtle gazebo jobby; nothing particularly exciting to look at. What IS exciting is the fact that they sell one of the best burgers I have ever eaten; and some chorizo ciabattas, AND all for extremely reasonable prices.
We rocked up, feeling pretty great in the sun, and saw our burgers cooked from scratch in front of us. Cheese and bubbling bacon were piled on, as well as as many toppings you could fit inside the bun from their “self-help section”; yes, that does sound like a therapy centre, woooops.
The point is, if you want a fantastic bacon; meaty, juicy, well cooked and lovingly cooked, then look no further than Burger barn.
In other news I’ve spent a wonderful day at my old school, feeling damned sentimental. Further afield, I am a out to review giraffe; so I’m bloody excited.
Peace and love


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