Obsessions with Wood Pigeon

I have a new favourite thing. Wood pigeon. It all started in Tavern Tasty (my favourite butcher in Norfolk, btw). They were selling them frozen, so in the spirit of youth I leapt at the opportunity of cooking a new meat.

Here’s how to cook a really nice pigeon dish then, which puts to best use all parts of the bird. There are basically three methods;
1) poach the whole thing for 6 minutes at least and then pan fry in butter till golden brown all over.
2) Roast the whole thing. I wouldn’t recommend this, but you can do it. Look online for options.
3) Separate the bird; remove the breasts and set aside. Meanwhile casserole the carcasses/leg meat in red wine, port, onions and carrots for a couple of hours. Then shred the leg meat and serve as I’ll describe further. Then pan fry the breasts quickly in butter till caramelised on the outside and “saignant” on the inside. I used a French word! How bloody civilised.

Anyway, to serve this I made a sweet potato Rosti. OMG it is a nice thing. All you need to do is grate a couple sweet pots, then mix with a bit of olive oil to bind it. Season well. Then fry in a frying pan, not stirring (so it keeps in a cake-ish shape). When it starts to caramelise, turn into an oven dish and roast for 20 minutes to finish it off.
Shred the leg meat and use to stuff leeks. Roast or steam until the leeks are soft.
Use the casserole liquid for the sauce. Thicken with cornflour. Enjoy! It’s bloody nice.




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