Colbert Restaurant Review

Colbert is a great little idea for a restaurant. Not that it is a new idea. But still, Brasseries are awesome. Whoever thought “Let’s have a restaurant open all day serving great food” goes down in history in importance near to the ‘sliced bread man’ and myself.

Anyway, I was very lucky to have a supper there. The setting is superb, and I mean really superb. From the inside you are in Paris, and yet you look out at Sloane Square and all the wonders therein. It’s like going on holiday for a meal. Kindof. They have decked the restaurant out with some properly nice pieces of “olde furniture”, and this makes me happy, as it gives me an excuse to write “olde”. “olde”. It’s addictive. “olde”. Enough. (“olde”)

Right… I started off with a Paris Mushroom velouté. This looked like a fungi cappuccino, with a great foamy head and a rich underlying purée of the most fantastic mushrooms. I have rarely been so happy with a mushroom soup, as they are so hard to get right. The fish soup was also fantastic, with enough spice and character to keep you occupied, (the mind can wander when eating food). “olde”.

I had a fantastic main course: smoked haddock Florentine. This was buttery, rich, intense… The haddock was well cooked, maybe on the touch of over, but nothing to complain overly about. The dish blended well though, and the creamy sauce was divine. And my hips are now showing the signs. OMG. Unfortunately, the poached egg on top was just slightly too solid. Maybe that was the aim, who knows, but one still likes to see a pool of yellowy heaven pour down your food. Doesn’t one?!

Salade Nicoise was “classic” and “beaut” and the eggs were soft. Yay. Cheese omelette was about as good as an omelette comes.

My complaints are as follows; It is very expensive. It IS good, and it IS just about worth the money. However, one must remember the site it is on. I mean, one doesn’t just rent out a property in Sloane Square for the hell of it, with enough money to buy a lollipop afterwards. Does one? Secondly, one doubts whether, if they are serving so much food, so often, does all of it get a huge amount of attention? I don’t know the answer, but I would like to. Thirdly, “olde”.

Colbert, Sloane Square

Food: 8/10
Service: 7/10
“OLDE”: 8/10
Overall: 7.67
Price: lots of it. Looking at £15 upwards for mains. You can see it all here:



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