Franco Manca Review, Brixton Market

Gosh it’s been ages. Sorry! Anyway, no need for apologies because this review will be amazing…

I went to Franco Manca with my father and sister for an impromptu lunch. Brixton Market is close to us, and we had heard great things about this place. We got there early (10 minutes later and we would have had to wait in the large queue!) We sat down at a weirdly mediterranean table and got the menu ( It all looks rather fabulous so deciding was a tricky choice. In the end I went for number 4 (Ham, mozzarella, ricotta and wild mushrooms). Much salivation occured whilst waiting for this, I can assure you.

The pizza emerged a few minutes later from the offensively hot wood fired oven, steaming and charred and everything a Naples Pizza should be. It tasted fantastic; the dough was chewy but not overly crispy or dried out. The toppings were of the highest quality and worked well together. And the best thing; It was only £6.85! Now, I never think that you should go to a restaurant and only focus on the price, but when you are eating SUCH good pizza at SUCH a good price, it makes you remember that whilst it may be cold outside and the banks may have made some mistakes, somewhere there is goodness. 

That’s my hippiness blurb over and done with. Hope it wasn’t too painful. Anyway… It is a great restaurant, and for those of you too worried to pop down to the Brixton Market, there’s a Northcote Road and Battersea chain. How perfectly fabidabolismous! 

Franco Manca, Brixton
Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10 (wonderfully camp with an italian accent; what more could you want?)
Ability to make dull sods like me feel happy: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Price: Very well done: pizzas from £4.50 up £7!


2 thoughts on “Franco Manca Review, Brixton Market

  1. The Northcote Road Franco Manca is amazing too, but it does get *incredibly* busy. Not a place to go to with a migraine!

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