Patty & Bun Restaurant Review

Patty and Bun (P&B from now on…) is part of the new “restaurant revolution” sweeping across our nation at the moment; relaxed deco, relaxed vibes, relaxed everything apart from the food, which in most cases is great. It’s great that it’s possible for passionate people to so easily start up a restaurant, and for there to be such a large market for them to cater for! Enough of my boring rants: you want to hear about the food I imagine, or you just got to this website by accident, in which case Hi there.

In case you haven’t realised, it’s called Patty and Bun because it serves burgers. And only burgers. And very good burgers… Anyway, after waiting outside for there to be an empty seat (there are only 30 seats inside), my sister and I were quick to decide on burgers. (There are only 7 to choose from; not that that’s a criticism, as each of them are extraordinarily exciting and delicious. I chose the “Smokey Robinson Burger”, a smoky concoction of meat, cheese, bacon, caramelised onions and smokey mayonnaise. Meanwhile my eating companion (“eatanion”) chose the “hot chic chicken burger”, a very fancy pairing of chicken, kimchi and slaw. 

The burgers came quite quickly, considering it was a busy lunchtime, (about 15 minutes). Mine was an absolute revelation of a burger. Really moist and smokey, but not overly so. It was so good that I found it hard to stop eating it. That was also due to there being, as there should be with all good burgers, a certain danger of the thing falling apart. That is why only pro-burger eaters/eatanions should eat good burgers. Only kidding, but seriously. Moving on… The burger was great, the crunchy brioche bun adding sweetness and chewiness, but not to much of everything. The onions were lovely, and the bacon added further to the smokiness that this burger was there to give. 

My eatanion’s (we’re gonna stick with this) was also good; it was really quite grown up  compared to mine; mine was more of a young boy showing off to his friends, and being rather good at it; whilst this was more a grown up wine connoisseur being picky about the floral notes of a vintage. The kimchi worked really well; in fact it was pretty much perfect as a chicken burger. 

Fries were good too; it was a nice addition of rosemary salt, and a very welcome one too. Note to self/anyone bothered to have read down this far: order one fries per person. Sharing is just not possible when they’re this good!

I must return to P & B because everything on their menu looks delicious. Whether it is the more spicy burger, the classic “Ari gold Cheeseburger” or the “lambsank redemption burger” (it’s a pun on the film title shawshank redemption: Do you get it?!) or the Smoked confit chicken wings with BBQ sauce… It gets the mouth drooling with delight. And it is very well priced; burgers £7-£8 and fries £2.50. It just doesn’t get this good in London, for that price, or for any price!

Patty&Bun, James St, Oxford Circus, London
Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
General-brilliance: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
Price: as above; you’re looking at £10-£15 per person.
Word of caution: it gets busy, so build in some waiting time if you want to go. 


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