Mozzarella ice cream

Yes. I have gone mad. Actually propers bonkers. But now we’ve cleared that, let’s move on. Mozzarella ice cream. This came about when I was incredibly bored one day, and had nothing better to do than experiment. As I was cooking a “homecoming” dish of Macaroni Cheese (my sister’s favourite) I decided to do something cheese based. I have wanted for some time to make a mozzarella mousse, and then I thought I would show everyone else how weird I am by making an ice cream. However, it is actually incredibly simple to do! Here’s how.

In a blender/magimix/whateveryouuse rip in a whole mozzarella and some cream. Blend until smooth. If it isn’t smooth enough, add some more cream. If it is too smooth then you added too much cream. Sorry, but life’s a bitch. Finally, season with sea salt and some olive oil. Put in a freezer/ice cream machine till frozen, stirring from time to time. 

Effectively, you are trying to get to the outcome of having a creamy and smooth ice cream, without losing the mozzarella flavour. Now, the best way of doing this is by using top quality mozzarella, as it has the most flavour. The other way you can do it is by using smoked mozzarella, which will really stick out. In any case, I hope you give this dish a try as it is actually quite charmingly refreshing. I would also recommend having it with different things. It could work with some fruits (if you too wanted to be seen as weird/barmy) or with tomato (yes I know that tomatoes are fruits but…) 

In any case HAPPY EASTER! A chocolate themed post tomorrow! 


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