Fish! Borough Market Restaurant review

Firstly, apologies for my massive lapse in timing and posting. Things have been STRESSFUL. Anyway. Here we go. I went out for a great meal in Fish! with friends and family and even nearly a week later I am still revelling from it. 

Let’s start at the basics; the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic. It is an ex-pea-shelling factory, (quite a common occurrence, really), and it is packed but not crowded. There are some really exciting tables that look onto the kitchen, and the whole restaurant gives off a sense of openness and honesty. Yes I do sound from a 1970’s rock festival, but it is true. 

Next the food. Starters were good; Fish! soup was fantastic: rich, earthy, ever so slightly decadent. Calamari were as close to perfect as possible, and the lemon mayonnaise was a nice individual touch that I haven’t seen much before. Prawn cocktail was, well, prawn cocktail, but well done I would hasten to add. 

Onwards to mains. Lobster (my dish) was great. Really well cooked. Attractively presented, easy to eat, ‘delishous’. Dover sole was also perfectly cooked. Fish pie looked as good as it gets, and fish and chips were also pretty damn great. Is £30 too expensive for lobster or dover sole? Well, it is hardly very cheap, but you are paying for a quality of ingredient. I think the whole idea behind fish is to serve really good food that isn’t too concerned with itself. It isn’t ponsy, but it is still fine dining. In many ways, it is an ethic that could be re-enacted more than it is. 

So. Good food, good service (all together), good ethic. On the pricey side but then it can afford to be. 

Food: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Atmos: 8/10
Overall: 7.6
Price: You’re looking at £20 mains, roughly and £10 starters, roughly. Obviously some are more/less expensive. 


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