Russian Caravan Tea

I have a new obsession, I’m afraid. Yes, another one, I know: there was low temperature cooking, smoking, ice cream. But now this one is a lot easier to achieve. It requires just teapot and a kettle. And a mug, and a tea strainer. A tray could be useful too. Why not just add in a teaspoon. A water filter jug too. ANYWAY.
Russian caravan tea is a blend of Chinese teas (oolong in particular) which was taken to Europe, via Russia on Camel Caravans. I tasted it first at Christmas, mainly because I like to be different. I was struck by how thirst quenching it is. And how well balanced the flavour is. I had it again in a great tea place next to Lambeth Bridge (ill review it later on) and the notion of this tea surprised and enthralled me again.
Needless to say I had ordered some within a few hours. Caffeine alert!


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