Monmouth Coffee Company Review

I am doing something incredibly naughty at the moment: I am doing an in house review. Devilish behaviour. Anyway, the table was so beckoning, so I decided/am deciding to do my review of Monmouth coffee, borough market, in situ.   
I have heard much about Monmouth in the past few months; and being in the area, I decided to go and have a coffee or two. The queue round the corner on arrival was certainly a good sign of things to come, and I ordered a flat white to begin with. This was a chance for me to sample Monmouth’s espresso, and wow is it good. Rich, with a brilliant crema, and ever so slightly bitter without being un drinkable; really good. And I have such admiration for those who can turn out rosettas time and time again without any problems. Beautiful to look at, beautiful to drink; and only £2.35! At last, properly good coffee for a reasonable price. 
Moving on, I had a filter coffee. From all the newspaper articles, I knew I should be expecting this to be fantastic. And you know what, I think I might just be won over from espresso. The simplicity of filter coffee seems to me to be rather infatuating, and it is done here with such drama; they grind your beans in front of you, and you see you filter coffee being produced in real time. The flavour matched the drama as well: it was rich and complex, but not so much that a whole cup seemed too much. 
And don’t be tricked into thinking that Monmouth is just a place for drinking coffee; they sell a huge variety of beans, and the food they make is wonderful. The atmosphere too is great: sure, I have a headache from the merciless banging of the espresso machines, and the whirs of the coffee grinder, but it all adds to the atmosphere of perfect coffee being the aim. Everyone in the café seems to be happy to be in the café, something I don’t see in the chains, for sure.  
The team at Monmouth are inspirational too; they work together so well, they are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, and they can make coffee as if it is in their very nature. The only criticism of mine is that they need more seating! I can’t wait to return here, and I sense that everyone in front of me in the queue when I arrive next time will be feeling the same. Best coffeehouse in London? Certainly possible. 
Food/coffee: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Total: 9/10
Price: £2.35 for filter coffees and espresso based coffees. £1.55 for espressos. £3ish for food items.

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