Crème in Windsor Restaurant Review

I was invited to a “blunch” (it was more lunch than breakfast) at crème, Windsor, which on most websites regarding the best Windsorian restaurants, is at the top. I was very excited, as at the moment, Windsor is not exactly a stellar place for a foodie. It was therefore a chance for me to see whether Mango Lounge, (my current no.1) would be pipped at the post.

There was a group of 6 who went, and first impressions were promising. It looks fresh, clean, modern from the outside. It might be helped by a setting slightly closer to the centre of town, although that sort of comment is very lame, I know. The interior of the restaurant is quite in with the modern restaurant scene in London: slightly quirky furniture, visible pass. I quite like it, and I think in the evening it would be even better, when the bar comes into play.

The menu is good; serving a good breakfast and a proper menu as well can often leave one half to be neglected; but as I would see, this wasn’t the case. The breakfast menu was standard, nothing that exciting, but the couple next to us seemed to be enjoying their full English breakfast. Then there were warm baguettes (more anon), starters (more anon), mains, burgers (I’m stopping with the more anons, just read on!) and puddings (actually, no more anon for this one, sorry).

Onto the food. Crispy duck and broad bean salad with raspberry dressing was a great idea, and the duck itself was good, and crispy enough to match the name. The dressing was about as harsh as a schoolteacher; it stuck and cloyed at the back of my mouth; not a nice sensation. Also, I’m sorry, but since when has serving warm, and I mean warm, cucumber, lettuce and tomato bean (haha, sorry: been. Food based puns eh?) acceptable. This was truly horrible: if I want cooked lettuce, I’ll ask for it, thank you very much.

Pancakes and bacon with maple syrup (on the breakfast menu) was properly good. I mean, really good. The pancakes were ever so slightly caramelised with a good crust, and the bacon was cooked well, with a great smokiness. A triumph, if I ever saw one. Cold chicken liver parfait was similarly good, and it managed to avoid the sticky richness that quite often annoys me when eating chicken liver parfait.

Moving on… The main came shortly afterwards. My steak baguette with a caramelised onion chutney thingy was decent enough; although restaurants seem incapable of using properly good steak in a steak baguette; why? I mean, why why why why?! On the plus side the onions were really good, and the “crème chips” were absolutely brilliant. Certainly the best chips I have ever had in a restaurant; the paprika sprinkling is genius, and they were well salted. Well done crème! The side of steamed greens I ordered were also perfectly cooked.

At this point, I wish I could talk about puddings but I had to dash off for a train. However, to sum up, Crème is a fast, modern, well menu-ed restaurant. The downsides that I have mentioned are me being really picky. The service was great, the chefs behind the pass looked happy and focused, and everyone else in the restaurant was enjoying themselves. I will need to go back to see whether this really is no.1 in Windsor, but it certainly isn’t far off.

Crème in Windsor
Food: 7/10
Service: 8.5/10
Stylishness: 8/10
Total: 7.83
Prices: starters around £7, mains around £12, breakfasts around £5-9



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