The smoker returns

I started smoking food a few days again. There is a post back in time about this, and how I do it, but in short, I use a cheap barbecue with tea leaves in the bottom which are lit by a blowtorch. This is repeated with the lid on 5 times until the smoky flavour has permeated. Lapsang souchong is m y tea of choice, which has a really deep smokey flavour. This technique can be used for any fish, and if you want to smoke beef, then use Wood Chips.

Once the salmon fillets, or a whole salmon, has finished smoking, put it on a plate, dab on a vinaigrette of olive oil, soy sauce and garlic. Then we fry it up in butter, just till firm, and serve it up. I use a soft boiled egg which provides a sauce and a richness that otherwise would be lacking. Some green beans and mash potato finish the dish off.

I really like this dish. It has a nice contrast of flavour. The trick, if you want to make this dish, is to experiment with the smoking so that it is enough to lead the dish, but not so much that it overpowers the egg. Lovely.




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