Borough Market, again

It’s a hard life for the food blogger. We just HAVE to go to eat and discover food; our lives revolve around eating, buying and cooking food. Poor us eh? This leads me onto today’s post. For me, if as a tourist, you really want to discover London, then Borough Market is the place to go. Nowhere else is there such variety, such friendliness and such good food. For those who say that Borough Market is a tourist attraction too big for its own good, I say that as long as the market continues to thrive, then who cares if it is packed?
Today was a great day spent under the train lines, for I tried a revelation of street food. A pure joy of a meal. What could it be? Yes, Salt Beef. Northfield’s Butchery Gourmet kitchen serves up Salt beef Sandwiches like no one else. Perfectly cooked Tangy salt beef, sour gherkins, and the firey heat of mustard.
And as for portion sizes…. They are HUGE. I mean, huge huge. The server dollops mustard onto large slices of wholemeal bread, then dollops on a handful of shredded Salt beef, then another, (at this point your feeling pretty happy about paying £6 for a sandwich), and then another, and then one more, for good luck. Then sliced gherkins, which take this dish to a whole new level of complexity, and add the sour kick that is needed to balance the salt and the Mustard. They were extraordinary, as this photo probably shows. Did we need anything more for lunch? Don’t be daft! Completely full, and I still am. In short, go to Borough Market, and support it.



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