Mozzarella. I love it. I genuinely love it. I would go as far to say that a mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, some bread, perhaps some tomatoes is the single quickest, most delicious meal on earth. Maybe. 

As for the best mozzarella, I would recommend popping down to Waitrose and getting your hands on some Garofalo. It is slightly salty, with the most fantastic texture: creamy middle, almost elastic outside. A revelation of cheese. 

Buffalo milk is slightly bitter, slightly more acidic than cows milk, which adds to this intense and almost bizarre flavour. And as for price, one “globe” is roughly £2, which is not too bad at all. It is always on my shopping list, and it is amazing. Rip it up and put those unctuous tears into a salad, on a flat bread, even as an accompaniment to meat or fish. It is very easy to be creative with mozzarella. 

I hope you can enjoy it!


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