A few restaurants to do: La Cigale, Saint Brieuc. 

Nice atmosphere. Nice service. Good value main courses (8-10euro mains). 

Good Burger, well cooked, perfect chips. Horrible cheese. 

Croque Monsieurs: Horrible, in my opinion, because the cheese was burnt, but others with me liked it.

Service: 7/10
Food: 6/10
Cool Vibes: 7/10
Total: 6.6/10


La Grande Fontaine, Jugon les Lacs.

Classic french deco. Nice lobster tank to stare at. 
Good scallops, well cooked. Really good chips.
Good mussels, not the best though.
The muscadet wine was lovely.
Good service with a smile. 

Service: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Lobster’s happiness: 7/10
Total: 7.6


The best meal I had in france, by far, was in Avranches, a town close to Mont St Michel. It was called Le Bistro de Pierre. The deco was classic french bistro, small tables, candlelights, and a huge bar. Service was slick and helpful. I ordered a salad, with some things that sounded nice (mushrooms, bacon, gesiers (duck gizzards) and smoked ham). WOW. I’m used in england to tiny petite salads that are as poncy as they are expensive. This came on a huge plate, with it piled up high. I’m a growing lad, I hadn’t eaten for 6 hours and I still couldn’t finish. The duck gizzards were dense and rich and so full of flavour that it was if one was eating a whole duck breast in a mouthful. The mushrooms were perfectly cooked too. All in all, it was a triumph over haute cuisine. I loved every single mouthful. 

Pudding was creme brulee (it was my first day in france…). This was lovely. Hot topping which crunched with a great deal of satisfaction. The cream was smooth and rich, with the texture of liquid lava, which I imagine is similar to the texture of a good creme brulee. 

I left with a great feeling of satisfaction, and a full stomach. What a great lunch.

Service: 7/10
Food: 9/10
Satisfaction/lava: 9/10
Total: 8.3

Lastly… Auberge de l’ecu

Nothing much to say about this apart from… THE BEST MUSSELS I HAD IN BRITTANY. Plenty of cream in the sauce and the mussels were perfectly cooked. Just perfection. 


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