Review (sort of) of The Well Kneaded Wagon company

This, I argue, is not a review. I could easily review the fantastic street food stall, and talk about its beautiful pizzas/firebreads, and how I have never tasted a better margherita than the one I had, nor have I had as much fun eating food as I did today, but that would not be fitting. What the ‘Well Kneaded Wagon Company’ is, is pure genius. Think of this, therefore, as praise to a brilliant; a truly brilliant meal.

Situated in a retro van, the WKGC has charm oozing out of it. The wood fired oven in the corner only helps this. I go up, and I order a ham cheese and mushroom pizza. At 6 pounds it isn’t cheap, but hardly expensive. 2 minutes the charming ladies in the van dish out a steaming pizza, douse on rocket and parmesan and there it is. It was fantastic. Honestly. Amazing. As in, words cannot describe etc… The only way I can describe how good it was is to say that hardly had I finished it I was up and ordering a slightly simpler tomato and mozzarella firebread. This came out with huge lumps of melting mozzarella all over it and the dough was just beautiful: slightly charred yet still slightly chewy. I’d never heard of pizza being made on sourdough, but my oh my was it lovely.

So, follow them on twitter, hunt them down and enjoy the beauty of quick and delicious street food.

Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
The smell of wood smoke in clapham:9/10




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