Never before on a holiday have I come back revelling so much in greatness of the country I have been in. I have to say, Russia was like no country I have ever been to before. And now I must try, in words describe it to you.

As you might have been able to see, I was not entirely certain of what might be in Russia food wise. I guessed at there being a lot of Carbos, and there were, but it was a lot more “fun” than that. I shall now give you a day by day account of what I ate and saw being eaten:

Day 1: On arrival we had supper at the hotel: To start a caesar salad. A lovely mushroomy soup, with some sort of cheese on top. Salmon and rice, so simple, yet incredibly delicious. Poppy seed cake. Apparently it makes you high, although I cannot say I experienced any such feeling. Later we visited the “Harrods of Moscow”, called ГУМ. My friend drank something called “Ostragon”, a sort of aniseedy, lemonady mix. With a name so similar to oestrogen it was hard to enjoy though!

Day 2: Went to a russian market. Feasted, quite literally on Shashliks, or kebabs. Mine was pork, and it was served with a huge heap of flatbread. A true man’s meal. Chunks of juicy, charcoaly pork dripping onto the bread… It was lovely!

Day 3: Went to a Famous russian chain called MYMY. A cow themed, fast food Russian eatery. I ate a beetroot and fish salad, which was a surprising thing considering it looked questionable… Then a sort of meat patty with an egg on top, lots of rice, some Borsch soup which was seriously hearty and warmed me up in the close to 0 temperatures! Also had a huge tankard of Kvas, a russian brewed drink made from bread. I would seriously recommend it; it has a flavour that cannot truly be described…

Day 4: Arrived in St Petersburg! Went for lunch in another Russian fast food eatery called Teremok. It served blinis, with a plethora of fillings. I opted for a cheesy, tomatoey and meaty one, and then a banana one for pudding. I drank a delicious Russian drink called Mors. It was, I think Cranberry juice with something else added. Not entirely sure what it was but it was lovely.

Day 5: Visited the Hermitage and ate there. Ate a simple Russian pie with cabbage. For pudding a lovely combination of pudding dough, poppy seeds and chocolate. хорошо!

Day 6: Another restaurant similar to MYMY, but it had a very complicated name! Feasted upon Shi, Chicken, buckets of rice, some nice russian puddings and lovely russian rolls filled with meat and cabbage. A lot more Morsh as well!

Day 7: Ate in Queen Catherine’s Palace, a simple ham and cheese pie… I had run out of money by then, and we were in a large rush to get to the airport!

I shall try and get some pictures up, but I didn’t get brilliant ones I must confess. Anyway. If you have some, or even a trace of travelling to Russia please do! I hope I have shown you  that Russia isn’t just caviar: I didn’t eat any there at all! And, just one thing: the food was incredibly cheap: incredibly cheap in fact.


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