I just love mushrooms. Pretty much everyone my age hates them, and I just cannot understand why! Sure, school cooked crap is not great, but nothing beats this recipe. I love it as a starter, or a side dish. THE BEST, is to have it with some garlic bread. These are buttery, soft, garlicky mushrooms. Perfection!

Heat up a large frying pan. When it is warm pour in some olive oil. Cut up as many mushrooms as you want: I love A LOT, but cut up as many as you want. The important thing is not to cut them too small: if you use button mushroom leave them whole. Any others, quarter them.

Chuck the mushrooms in the pan. Season generously. Don’t touch the mushrooms; let them brown. When the underside is starting to brown shake the pan, and move them around. Now add 2 tbsp each of basil and parsley, chopped finely. Then add some chopped garlic. About 1 clove per handful of  mushrooms. Add 2 tbsp of red wine. Stir, shake around until nice and soft. There we go. Mushrooms done well.

Have fun.


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