Croutons related rant

This is one of my foody rants. Sorry, but these things must be said.

Croutons should be crispy. They should, or can be I should say, lightly flavoured. When in soup, they should REMAIN crispy for the whole duration of the bowl. Croutons should be made of good bread, and you should be able to taste this.

With this in mind, here’s how you make your own:

1. Cut up into small cubes some nice sourdough or baguette. If these are “moist”ish, then place in a warm oven for 5-10 minutes until slightly dry.

2. In a large frying pan. Melt some butter or olive oil. It needs to be a relatively large amount of fat, otherwise they won’t crisp up. When this is nice and hot, throw in the cubes of bread. DON’T stir or shake the, about, Just let them brown on one side. When they are golden on one side, then flip them over with a fish slice. Then let them continue to brown on the other. Ok, now you have a choice…

3. You can add a clove of crushed garlic. Or a tsp of dried thyme. Or any dried herb. Or any fresh herb. Its your choice!

When they are done, take them out onto kitchen paper and make sure that the most of the fat drains off. I would recommend serving these  as soon as possible, so they remain crispy. YUM.


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