The Palmer Arms Restaurant Review

We had a very quick lunch at the pub called The Palmer Arms in Dorney Village. I have been twice before, and I have been quite impressed with the quality of ingredients and the setting is lovely. Anyway, off we popped.
I ordered a macaroni cheese: yes, very boring, but having had it before, and knowing how big it was, it whetted my small appetite to the right level! Those with me ordered a pork stroganoff with rice. And we waited. And we waited. I mean, I appreciate that it is empty on a Friday lunch time, but it did take an awfully long time for everything to arrive. The front of house team were lovely, but still, it shouldn’t take this long, especially as you only have to heat up the macaroni and plate up the stroganoff. Maybe they made the macaroni from scratch and drying it in the kitchen? Or perhaps they were butchering and curing the stroganoff!? I kid of course, but you see my point.
The food arrived though, nice and hot. The macaroni was lovely, shoved full of spinach and leeks and the sauce was good. There was a bit too much cheese, but I know I sound stupid saying that about a  cheese based dish! The stroganoff was good too, although I thought it was a bit bland; and I wasn’t impressed with the grade of meat of used: it was very fatty. But still nice.
No pudding, we had to rush, although waiting for two cups of coffee took a good 15 minutes… I mean were they roasting the beans? Milking the cows? Building a coffee machine?!

Service: 6
Food: 7
Guiness world record holders for longest time to make coffee: 6
Price: Good: £10 or so for a main.
Score: 6.3
Good, not great. The service would have swung it round to a good score. But very good for “Gastro-Pub-Grub”


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