Mango Lounge Restaurant Review

Jesus do I feel bloated… 4 meals out in the past week. And all but one of them have been absolutely fantastic. Mango Lounge is classed as a “nouveau-indian-with-thai-added” restaurant, wphich in my opinion is a combo made for heaven, not earth. It just works. AND what is best is that one can pop off to it and still have a curry and a pint; and it won’t break your bank account.
I arrived there at 7.30pm, just in time for the bustle and excitement. We had centre table, and, ready for it… The restaurant was “dim-lit”. But I liked it. It was dim lit on purpose, unlike Browns where it was dim lit so one cannot see the shady hoards of food they expect us to eat. Anyway, enough of the rant, on to the food.
I ordered some nice spring rolls, to be honest I can’t remember what was in them; I think duck. It was a weird combo here, both the thai and indian ingredients battling for supremecy; lemongrass Vs. Garam marsala… But it really worked. The presentation was superb, simple yet stylish, and the rolls were cooked to utter perfection; the pastry shattered like glass in the mouth, and the inners were not under or over cooked; a triumph! Those with me has similar enjoyment with tandoor cooked lamb chops, and a signature dish: giant prawns deep fried served in a shot glass with beautiful chutneys. It sounded better on the menu!
Next on to the main. I wanted so badly to expel my old saying of “stick to what you like”, and go for something new, but having been here before, that would have been stupid! Mango Lounge’s chicken korma is the best I have ever had. There, I said it. The chicken is not over cooked, but moist and melt in the mouth. The sauce is creamy, with a mild, nutty aroma, and the texture of velvet. Not that I stroked it or anything… I had some mushroom rice with that: so simple, yet so so so so delicious. Oh, and you must have their naan breas: it is cooked to perfection in the tandoor, and it is “tissue paper” light, steeped in ghee; what naan bread should be. I am afraid I didn’t ask how everyone elses was, but the symphony of “yum, hmmm, yum, yum…” seemed to mean it was good!
I didn’t have pudding here: if I had I would not have been able to wake up early and write this, such was the quantity of food I ate… It was a triumph, a true true triumph. Perhaps a bit slow in service, the meal took us 3 hours, but I am sure that that is just as much our fault as theirs.

Service: 7
Food: 9
Indian and Thai battle points: 9
Price: Um, £6-8, £10-15 a curry, sides £4-5
Overall: 8.3

So yeh, go to this place; a great Indian, with an exciting twist and a good price.


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