Bangalore Express @ Waterloo Review

There are now two Bangalore Express restaurants in London, one opposite Waterloo station and one in the City. They are certainly “cool” restaurants: they aren’t places for a curry and a pint. One on side of the restaurant there is “double decker” dining, which is great fun. Unfortunately we had a bottom bunk, but still it is so amusing and it makes the dining experience just that extra bit special. Then there is more “shared table” dining throughout the rest of the restaurant. B.E restaurants have a fast food aspect to them; paper menus are in use which show this as the waiters don’t have to change table cloths or clean as extensively. Just a small touch, but every little helps… I did like the way the menu was set out, and you too can see here… As you can see, pricing wise it is quite expensive.. Let’s see whether it is going to be worth it…

I was with my family, on a special occasion (my mother’s birthday) so this restaurant fitted the bill: fun, informal, but that extra bit more special than a take away curry! I am not a curry fiend, nor am I an expert, so bear this in mind as we read on! I ordered chicken korma, as did my father. I know this will result in a cry of “you ‘ a proper curry fan!” etc., but I would say that sometimes it is nice to fall back on a dish that you know you like… My mother ordered lamb korma, and my sister, who hates curry ordered ‘golden fried tiger prawns’. I would say at this point that the staff were very helpful in choosing so that was pleasing. Side orders of mushroom rice, plain rice and plenty of naan arrived only 5 minutes later: very impressive seeing as the restaurant was pretty full!

My chicken korma was just how it should be: creamy, silky smooth and mildly spiced sauce with well marinaded chicken. The only small problem was the chicken was a few minutes over cooked, and as a result just a bit dry. Also, they served it slightly differently to how I was expecting as it was a whole chicken breast with the sauce over top, which hints at slightly ‘fast food’ dining. Perhaps you would expect this next to a busy station but it was a bit disappointing to know that they had a pot of korma sauce which could be used for any dish but, I understand exactly why this was the case. The mushroom rice was a real winner though. Perfectly cooked rice ( with a small bit of bite) encased mushrooms and spices to perfection. It was beautiful. I liked the presentation of my dish as well, the curry and rice were in a mound on the centre of a square plate, with small squares of vegetables at the corners. One of these corners was a small corner of perfection; it was a small mound of salad with the best dressing I have ever tasted in a long time. It was sweet, spicy, with the perfect texture, smooth and silky. I know it is not fashionable to be so in love with a salad dressing but it was just brilliant.

The Golden prawns were less exciting though. They were just a bit boring, with little texture and no crunch! Deep fried prawns should be crunchy on the outside with a soft center, not soft on the outside and chewy on the inside! I did however enjoy the mint sauce served with them. The naan bread was good though: salty and airy dough with lots of flavour, and a crisp top and bottom, and a chewy center. Perfection.

So, if you are looking for a fun, informal but special evening perhaps the Bangalore Express is for you. The food is good and pretty authentic. The pricing is a bit steep, but I am sure that they can justify it, particularly taking into account the area that it is in. I am awarding it 7/10, for the reasons above. I hope you enjoy going there! We did!

PS. If you are looking for a really quick meal this might be the place: we were out of it within 30 minutes!


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