Wow. What a day I am due for. Bucket loads of cooking. Today I am making the stuffing, making the ‘pigs in blankets’, prepping the turkey, carrots, beans, gravy, bread sauce, potatoes…… Ahhh! The turkey will be prepared with a citrus paste, and plenty of onion, carrots and fruit inside. More info on that tomorrow. For the stuffing; again citrus, cranberries and other spices: we’ll see… Gravy is made by the giblets of the turkey, this leads to a very full flavour, and richness! Red wine is also used for depth. Potato info will be here tomorrow. Thats it I think! Oh, yes, that’s right, veg: i am cooking carrots and beans in butter slowly. Ill update you, but it’s easy as there is little to do the next day! The picture below shows my kitchen… Im keeping calm though!


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