Bens Cookies

I just simply love bens cookies! They are delightful! They are situated right next to south kensington tube station. I often stop by them before visiting my granny: and what an excuse! They have all that a cookie should have: a moist texture; plenty of filling; and they are served warm! They are even baked in the cafe. The milkshakes are also good. It is almost a tourist attraction: I see people of all races coming in and enjoying the spoils of success. They are not, of course healthy, but who cares when they are so nice?! My favourite is, for once the “boring” option: plain milk chocolate. For some reason it is just the moistest, and in my opinion the nicest. I sometimes have the triple chocolate: but it often leaves me very bloated.. or whatever you want… Please follow these guys on twitter:!/Bens_Cookies So yeh there you have it: to sum up… brilliant cookies, brilliant people, brilliant atmosphere, brilliant location, in fact the only thing not brilliant is the price: (they cost over 1pound each) but maybe, no definately it is well worth it! Please go!


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