Mr Bartley’s Burgers Reviews

Again my trip to Boston has proved ultimately successful for food. If you are ever in Boston you HAVE to go to Mr Bartley’s Burgers: they are, without doubt, the best I have ever tasted, ever. Let me set the scene. Busy Boston Street. Dark, small, almost cramp room. The continuous sizzle of burgers. Chairs that are too short for the table. Cheesy posters adorning the walls. Friendly waitresses. Here is what happens; There were these amazing menus, without doubt the funniest I have ever seen: Each burger is named after something or someone American (eg. Michelle Obama (Hot and Spicy), Joe Biden (this guy is scary)). Of course the burgers are then adorned specifically (MO; chilli sauce and chillis). So after spending a good 10 minutes at this menu I decided on the Tom Werner (with mushrooms). So this was basically cheese, bacon, caramelised onions and mushrooms. It arrived within 10 minutes, with some of the most generous portions of drink I have ever seen. My friend with whom I was eating ordered some onion rings, which, although having batter which were on the floury side, were absolutely delicious, with the perfect level of crispiness. Then my burger arrived. And wow. It was the small things that I noticed first: the bun was PERFECTLY toasted, unlike fast food chains were the buns are cold and soggy. Also, the table had all you could possibly want on it: burger relish, mustard, ketchup, white onions, and something else that, unfortunately I can’t remember! So with the burger relished up, I dug in. The first bite is always great: you get a great feel for the burger. I asked for medium cooked burger, and it was melt in the mouth delicious! The bacon and cheese worked, as we would guess, very well together, but the mushrooms are what made this truly fantastic. I can’t say I have ever had mushrooms in a burger before, but I shall CERTAINLY have them again: what a fantastic find! The burger was perfectly cooked, and the meat (which is ground chez monsieur bartley every day) was very smooth and had no gristle or any scum you get in a fast food place. Mine was served with french fries, which was apparently a mistake. Just as I tucked in a saw a huge banner saying “voted best burger in the US” “Best Frappes” “Best Sweet Potato Fries”. (WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!!) So, in hindsight I should have probably gone for the sweet potato variety, but the french fries were still lovely and crispy. The burger was, then, utterly divine. My only criticism is myself: I couldn’t finish the thing! Anyway, my meal cost $13. What a bargain. I knew that it was freshly cooked to order, I knew that I had total control of my burger. I was happy. Please go and support this fantastic restaurant; you won’t forget/regret it! I am going to give it 9.5/10 stars…. Oh what the hell, it was bloody good 10/10stars!! This also makes this the highest ratest restaurant so far; and certainly one of my favourite so far that I have visited!  Coming soon: Burger recipe, general view on Boston food at the Head of the Charles weekend and my view on Lucky Charms. PS 400 views! Thank you so much!!!


3 thoughts on “Mr Bartley’s Burgers Reviews

  1. Very funny review of Bartley’s. I’ve been going there since I was student back in the ’70’s, and it was a favorite place of my kids. The onion rings – sweet potato fries notwithstanding – are great. You might also try their homemade old-fashioned Lime Rickey. Indian pudding is also great, if you have any room left after a meal. One final point – Bartley’s Burger Cottage is in Cambridge, right outside Harvard Square, NOT Boston – a distinction that may not mean much to people outside of town, but a cultural divide locally. Good post. Ken

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